* Jazz Star Of The Year 2014 * 

With the piece Pentatonique. Arranged by Dave Panichi for DR Big Band

“Thomas Bryła has a distinctive tone and the ability to go with the particular flow that compels the inner voice forward. He is at all times creative, searching and challenging!” Carsten Dahl

Working at the speed of sound to deliver original music and arrangements for the stage, screen or studio I have contributed to:

  • Feature films
  • Concert music
  • Symphonic recording sessions
  • Published song books

and much more

Working in a wide variety of musical genres for the last decade ranging from traditional jazz to modern concert and film music, my experience has helped many projects reach their ultimate

Mastering the latest software and utilizing personal knowledge I service directors, composers, orchestrators and producers in the film and music industry both locally and globally to produce the
final product

No task is too big and no task is too small – the new service Micro Orchestration brings you this expertise at a fraction of the price




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