* Jazz Star Of The Year 2014 * 

With the piece Pentatonique. Arranged by Dave Panichi for DR Big Band

“Thomas Bryła has a distinctive tone and the ability to go with the particular flow that compels the inner voice forward. He is at all times creative, searching and challenging!” Carsten Dahl

Satisfaction is the end result of a close creative professional collaboration between the director and the creative team,delivering the best suited score for their project.

Composing, producing and orchestrating music in a vast variety of genres, handling the scoring process, whether the project calls for a symphony orchestra, a small ensemble, is to be done with samples as a virtual orchestra or with synthesizers and electronic instruments.

I strive to create music that expresses the drama and follows the arches of the movie and it’s actions in order to give the audience the best experience.

For the last decade I have actively worked and been educated as a film composer and musician, and through my work with composing and producing music, I have explored a huge world of music. This enables me to convey the intentions of a film and develop the tone of the soundtrack in close collaboration with the creators.

My thorough musical training and personal language gives me the ability to write recognizable melodies, and my harmonic language sets the unique mood suited for the project. Anything from epic orchestral music, modern electronic drives, introverted minimalist or any music in between.

Bryla piano

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