Micro Orchestration

Micro Orchestration is a special service for the small tasks in music preparation. Whether for the busy composer needing a transcription of an arrangement or part preparation for a recording or a composer who only needs orchestration of one cue or a producer wanting horn arrangement for a song:

Micro Orchestration is a special service for the tasks that are estimated to be done in 3 hours or less.

Not only do you get a discount on services like proof reading, part preparation, layout, transcription or orchestration, you also pay by the minute. If the task takes 72 minutes, you are not billed for 2 hours

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Micro Orchestration can include – but is not limited to:

  • Transcription
  • Proof reading
  • Arranging strings or brass
  • Orchestration
  • Part preparation
  • Inputting music for notation software

The rates for Micro Orchestration are:

$1/min for proof reading, layout, part preparation

$1.5/min for transcription, arranging, orchestration

Previous clients include: Jóhann Jóhannsson (The Theory of Everything, Prisoners), Federico Jusid (Exodus), Nicklas Schmidt (Beyond Beyond), Nordiska (Frankenstein Reborn)

Small tasks – small prices

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NB: The service can only be used once per 10 days. For larger projects standard rates apply. Client delivers all necessary files upon commencement of work. Client is responsible for any copyright clearances. All final materials can be delivered in PDF, XML, Sib or MIDI format.

Please specify where you reside. If you order from a country outside the European Union VAT will not be charged. If you are a corporate customer from the EU, please send me your VAT ID and VAT will not be charged. Otherwise a 25% VAT is applied to the service cost.